Using motion technology, shake your iPod Touch or iPhone to fill up the soda bottle with pressure, then shoot the caps off and blast your way through 100 levels of fizz bursting fun.

Shake it up, aim at targets on-screen, and tap the bottle to shoot the soda caps off!

Smash plates, knock squirrels off phone cables, destroy planets, and bust up a whole world of wacky targets.

Targets can and will: zig, zag, float, blink, shake, shimmy and move!

Pay attention to the fizz-o-meter so you know when to re-shake the iPod Touch / iPhone.

As the game progresses, the difficulty increases as there are less caps per level and the targets move faster.

Features 100 levels of fizzy, soda-shaking, cap-shooting, target-blasting fun!

Pop open the cap - ready to fly!

Available on the iPhone App Store


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